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Media Streaming is delivering audio/video content continuously over the web. With broadband spreading in every corner of the world and latest compression/delivery techniques, Media Streaming is becoming more popular. Dedicated High End/High Bandwidth servers that enable constant delivery of such content are called as Media Streaming Servers.

Media Streaming Servers are used in the following ways :

  • On demand audio/video streaming
  • Live Streaming or Web Casting


Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol used for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server.

The RTMP protocol has three variations :

  • The "plain" protocol which works on top of TCP
  • RTMPT which is encapsulated within HTTP requests to traverse firewalls
  • RTMPS which works just like RTMPT, but over a secure HTTPS connection.

The raw TCP-based RTMP protocol maintains a single persistent connection and allows real-time communication. To guarantee smooth delivery of video and audio streams, while still maintaining the ability to transmit bigger chunks of information, the protocol splits video and data into 128-byte fragments (except for audio which uses 64-byte fragments). Fragments from different streams are then interleaved and multiplexed over a single connection. With longer data chunks, the protocol only carries a one-byte header per fragment, thus incurring very little overhead.

ALGOSOFT uses YBox Streaming Server environment which is built on a high end, high bandwidth platform. YBox Servers are pre-hardened and fine tuned for peak load performances. YBox Streaming Servers allow streaming in multiple mounts simultaneously without any data congestion. YBox Servers are known for their rugged and fail proof architecture.

Types of content that can be streamed :

  • Streaming Audio/Video (FLV and MP3)
  • Recording Client Streams (FLV only)
  • Live Stream Publishing

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